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About Image by Naz

Image by Naz was founded by Naz  Parsakia who has been making jewellery for many years with inspirations from everyday life and the beautiful surroundings of her home studio in Ware, Hertfordshire. All her jewellery is handmade and an exclusive individual piece in every collection designed. Collections include pieces for both women and men including cufflinks. This is the foundation of Image by Naz.

The key elements used in her collections are Semi - Precious Stones, Gold, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver beads. Naz also takes commissions as well as pieces made for Film and TV projects. where each piece is a bespoke order starting with the design process all the way to matching colours with specific outfits for events. 

Naz has loved making jewellery since she was a child and always new she would be a jewellery designer. One of her most intricate pieces is a 7 strand necklace she made out of Italian Glass Beads which took her three days and creatively was one of her biggest pieces. 

One of the most defining features of Naz's jewellery is the use of some of the most unique and unusual

Semi - Precious Stones.

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